Science Segment From Weird News on Nerdist TV - June 2017

Dr Dave Ciaccio (not a doctor) delivers the science news on Weird News on Nerdist Public Access TV. Produced and Hosted by Sam Proof. Written by Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio, daveciaccio.com)

Source – https://youtu.be/nhGCVvO-g4U

The Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker - Correspondent Dave Ciaccio Live From the 2016 Brazil Olympics

Reporting on-location in Brazil from The Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker at The Pack Theater.

Source – https://youtu.be/2HId_iGbxyI

Ultimate Superhero Trailer

Every superhero vs every supervillain!

Centaur Gangsters

Written by dave ciaccio. Performed live at UCB Sunset by Neal Dandade, John Hartman, Eddie Mujica, Lisa Summerscales, Brett Maline, Damian Gomez, Scott Yamamura, Vonzell BabyV Solomon, Jeremy Howard and Dave Ciaccio as the God Centaur.

Source – https://youtu.be/xsjDJo1MNR8

Criss Cross or the Strangers on a Train sketch

Live at the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown in Los Angeles. Written by dave ciaccio. Starring Neal Dandade, Scott Yamamura, Michelle Ortiz and Fizaa Dosani.

Source – https://youtu.be/YI7D9TYtbT8

The 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase

One of about 30 writers to have a sketch in the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase. Over 1500 sketches were submitted, there were about 25 in the show.

Source – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAJvdbg1b2M



Ongoing series of text videos for lifestyle website Civilized.life. A few examples from Facebook Video:


Weed Week