Eye On Science

A Comedy News Show about Science and Tech now looking for a Weekly home!

Eye On Science is a proposed weekly Comedy News Show in the tradition of The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Weekend Update and Full Frontal, but with a primary focus on Science and Technology, and a modern, fast-paced, graphics-heavy, editing style.

Eye On Science will cover new Discoveries, Technologies and Trends with a light, fun, fast-paced energy. Our aim is to inform viewers of Facts, Theories and Opinions in the broad-ranging world of science, with jokes, sketch comedy, desk pieces and graphic flourishes.

Eye On Science Anchor: Dave Ciaccio

The style of the show is that of a familiar Anchor-Driven News Show, but with modern, fast-paced editing and graphics familiar to the Youtube generation.



Eye On Science Correspondent: Neal Dandade

Comedian Correspondents will report on new discoveries and advancements in science and technology, with a clear, progressive, science-positive point-of-view in sketch comedy or desk piece format.

Eye On Science Op-Ed Correspondent: Robert Chan


While Op-Ed Correspondents give opinions on the state of Science Education, Ethics in the Scientific Community and Trends in Reporting in the Media.

Eye On Science: On-Location Correspondent Peggy Sinnott



On-Location Correspondents can report from anywhere on or off Planet Earth via Green Screen and some graphics by our After Effects Wizards, to bring you an informative report from the location of new Great Scientific Discoveries... Antarctica, the Mariana Trench, The Surface of the Sun or Another Universe!

Celebrity Guests from Movies and TV Shows can also appear, but not in the form of boring celebrity interviews. Instead, they will act as Guest Correspondents and get involved in the science, with Experiments, Demonstrations and Reports.

Segments and Interstitials are designed in easily digestible clips perfect for promoting as Memes and Viral Video Content.




An assertive Online Presence will work to create a web community of Science Enthusiasts and Comedy Fans, who contribute, comment and interact with the show.


Eye On Science will assemble a diverse team of comedians, writers, production crew, post-production experts and performers, who can offer a wide, inclusive viewpoint on the news without a political agenda, but rather an unbiased, curious, truth-based reporting delivered with an emphasis on smart, original, weird, silly, good-natured comedy.

Eye On Science can be produced cheaply and quickly on a weekly basis. During the week, segments, memes and teasers will be released, promoting the community and the upcoming episode.